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Bare Minerals VS Sephora Minerals

So ever since I started using BareMinerals I thought that mineral makeup is really good, but the application is messy, and the coverage isn’t that great unless you really work it, and even then the coverage is light to medium. Then one day I came by Sephora and saw that their Sephora Mineral was on sale for only 5 dollars! So I said what the heck might as well try it. I’m surprise to say I’m blown away by Sephora’s Mineral. The container is a lot bigger and isn’t as mess prone like BM. The coverage is a little better than BM, but it takes less work and product than BM. Also I find that there is less of that sheen people experience in BM than SM. Bare minerals will kind of come off my face by half the day whereas SM will sink in and stay longer, there’s less touch up that I have to do. SM is cheaper, has more product, better coverage, better lasting power, and doesn’t give that oily sheen. Unfortunately it’s being DISCONTINUED! Just when I found my holy grail mineral! So I’m heading to Sephora to stock up!!! Better go grab it girls before it’s all gone! Don’t you just hate it when good product get discontinued?

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